Rankle Definition

rankled, rankles, rankling
rankled, rankles, rankling
To cause or cause to have long-lasting anger, rancor, resentment, etc.
Their indifference rankled him.
Webster's New World
To feel or express irritation or resentment about something.
She rankled at what she considered to be unfair criticism.
American Heritage
To fester; become or make inflamed.
Webster's New World
To cause (someone) to feel irritated or resentful.
He was rankled by his rival's sudden success.
American Heritage

Origin of Rankle

  • Middle English ranclen from Old French rancler alteration of draoncler from draoncle festering sore, ulcer from Medieval Latin dracunculus from diminutive of dracō dracōn- serpent, dragon (probably in reference to the fiery red color and pain of a sore) from Latin serpent, fabulous serpentine beast dragon

    From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

  • First attested in 1320. From Old French rancler, draoncler (“to ulcerate, to form a boil"), from draoncle (“a boil"), from Latin dracunculus (“little serpent"), diminutive of dracō (“serpent, dragon").

    From Wiktionary

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