Sentence Examples

  • While some clubs cater to specific genres of dancing, such as country line dancing or salsa dancing, the traditional club scene in America, as well as any bar that has a dance floor and loud music, entails simply grooving to the music.
  • By testing to learn which intelligences each child has, you can find multiple intelligence activities that help him to learn concepts and subjects through activities designed to cater to each child's intellectual strengths.
  • Well, you can go online and look on an array of websites that cater to resume writing, including these Sample Resume Objectives, or you could go to your local library where you will find an array of books on resume writing as well.
  • While some Jerry Garcia ties cater almost exclusively to those who use their neckties to make an outrageous statement each day, there are a few others that even the most conservative man could wear without feeling uneasy.
  • Numbers of magazines and reviews are published in Arabic which cater both for the needs of the moment and the advancement of learning.