Sentence Examples

  • Finalist Rory Schepisi, a Texas restaurant owner, will now face off against third-place contestant Amy Finely, a freelance writer and caterer from California.
  • Red wine that is opened and enjoyed during the reception might stain clothing, linens, or carpeting, which could lead to extra cleaning charges or even fines from the caterer or venue.
  • You could become a consultant, a wedding planner, caterer, gardener, painter, woodworker, personal chef, landscape designer, stump grinder, home health aide or daycare operator.
  • If you're not working with an experienced buffet caterer, ask a friend to be in charge of organizing the buffet line so that the meal can be served in an orderly fashion.
  • Our caterer had ordered a wheelchair when she heard about his injuries, which sat idle at the edge of the grass since Dan preferred to limp rather than roll.