Sentence Examples

  • More affluent parents may simply prefer to have all of their child's clothing custom made because current fashion trends don't always pander to their tastes, or they prefer their child to have flawlessly fitted garments.
  • Its designs do not pander to the tastes of high-designers; therefore, consumers looking to purchase hot-off-the runway couture shoes must look elsewhere.
  • Be fair to the designers who ritually pander to the public's tastes; eliminate the notion of "cheap" and replace this ideal with the word "affordable".
  • From his ascetic standpoint the revocation of the edict could only pander to drunkenness and immorality.
  • He encouraged the amour between the Trojan prince and his niece Cressida; and the word "pander" has passed into modern language as the common title of a lovers' go-between in the worst sense.