Sentence Examples

  • Visit your local ski shop or ski trainer and request an adjustment to your release settings whenever you feel that the bindings do not have the proper adjustments or when you have changed your ski style considerably.
  • Many experts, including Thoren, believe that mounting the ski bindings in a position that is forward of center can help a female skier keep her weight over the ski's sweet spot, and thus gain more control.
  • In addition to adjusting the DIN settings, ski bindings should be adjusted if you use lifters, vibration dampeners and to accommodate the amount of fore-aft position of the bindings.
  • On the other hand, aggressive skiers who pummel down endless mogul fields or crud will cinch their bindings down, using a higher DIN setting to prevent premature binding release.
  • Most contemporary ski bindings can be adjusted by turning large screws on the bindings on the outside of the bindings - one on the toe piece and one on the heel piece.