Sentence Examples

  • You can use a hot glue gun to affix feathers, or simply bead feathers onto suede cord and tie them through small holes made in the costume, carefully knotting the ends to secure the jewelry.
  • Knotted or woven friendship bracelets are based on macramé or knotting, which also reached a peak in popularity during the 1970s.
  • Halter dresses fasten at the back of the neck with self-fabric ties formed by twisting the two ends of the neckline fabric around the neck and knotting the fabric together.
  • While making this type of friendship bracelet isn't extremely difficult, the knotting and braiding requires a great deal of patience and coordination.
  • Knotting experts agree that each knot has its own merits, but the basic knot, also known as the four-in-hand knot, is considered the most popular.