Sentence Examples

  • The friendship bracelets common among children and teenagers are a form of macrame, and this weaving technique can be used for many different things, including woven necklaces, baskets, pot holders, shawls, and more.
  • Many macrame bracelets use elaborate knots to space out beads or to add additional texture to the design, or the knots may be simple spacers to give uniformity to an eclectic creation.
  • Adjustable macrame bead bracelets are easy to make and fun to wear, and because they can be adjusted for different wrist sizes, they are a great surprise gift for anyone.
  • It is a simple technique to learn, there are many types of macrame bracelets available, and even non-crafty people can easily learn to make their own designs.
  • Macrame is a form of basic weaving where knots are used as decorative as well as binding elements instead of interlacing different strands of material.

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