Nouns That Start With C

Updated June 4, 2021
nouns that start with c
    nouns that start with C
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Can you name a person right now? A place? How about a thing? Nouns dominate the English language because they function in so many different capacities. They sit in various sections of nearly every sentence. Given their abundance, sometimes it’s nice to get acquainted with them, letter by letter.

We’ve already explored A and B nouns. Now, let’s progress into a sea of C nouns.

50 Nouns Starting With C

The cardinal rule when studying English grammar is to keep an open mind. Many words are shapeshifters and can function as different parts of speech. Let’s put on our noun hats and explore 50 words functioning in their noun capacities.





a disease with growths that damage the body

carcinoma, tumor, growth


wealth used to create more wealth

assets, resources, principal


an automobile that carries people or goods

automobile, coach, vehicle


a flat, stiff, thick piece of paper used to express a greeting or play a game

placard, ticket, sheet


a red songbird with a noticeable crest and stout bill

bird, songbird


close attention or concern for another

concern, empathy, interest


what you do for a living

occupation, vocation, work


currency and coins

capital, clink, money


a small area in a prison where criminals are kept behind bars

cage, compartment, vault


the point equally distant from all sides

middle, heart, hub


an act of rebellion against someone or something

dispute, objection, protest


happening by unexplainable reasons, luck, a risk, or the likelihood of something happening

fate, gamble, risk


a trait, quality, or high moral code

integrity, reputation, personality


a very young person

kid, adolescent, juvenile


the act of making a selection

judgment, option, decision


a holiday celebrated as a religious tradition commemorating the birth of Jesus

christmastide, holiday, yule


a record of things that have happened in the order which they happened

account, archives, record


the building where religious worship takes place

chapel, sanctuary, synagogue


a town of significant size

metropolis, town, municipality


\a group of students taught together

group, section, grade


a customer or person who uses a service

buyer, consumer, customer


a group of people who come together for a common interest

association, consortium, fraternity


disarray, a disorganized mess

jumble, chaos, hodgepodge


a set of rules

canon, instructions, law


a drink made from ground and roasted beans

java, joe, espresso


a group of things or people gathered together

accumulation, gathering, assortment


a place of higher learning after high school

institute, university, conservatory


a component of light which is separated when it is reflected off an object

hue, chroma, iridescence


the people living in an area

neighborhood, district, locale


a guest or a group of people associated with each other

assembly, association, troupe


an electronic device used for processing information

PC, workstation, machine


a victory in love or war

mastery, triumph, conquering


permission given for something

acquiescence, concession, assent


a feeling of scorn toward another person

disdain, hatred, malice


what is inside or included in something

filling, load, measure


power to direct

command, authority direction


the inside of something

base, center, hub


the amount paid for something

payment, charge, value


something that functions as someone or something else

copy, duplicate, equal


a nation

realm, land, sovereign state


an administrative division of a state or country

borough, district, division


two items of a similar kind

duo, twosome, pair


the bravery and/or strength to do something that could be dangerous

bravery, valor, boldness


a class you take in school to study a particular subject

lecture, class, seminar


a building or room where legal cases are heard and decided by a judge

tribunal, judiciary, chancery


the quality of being credible or trustworthy

credence, reliance, confidence


unkind or mean acts

brutality, inhumanity, barbarity


a critical moment when time or resources are running out

crisis, difficulty, emergency


the act of nurturing and causing growth

tilling, plowing, growing


a buyer of goods, services

client, patron, buyer


What Is a Noun?

We see, touch, and think about nouns all day long. A noun is a person, place, thing, or idea. How many times today have you thought about a cup of coffee or the cell phone sitting on your desk? When we use nouns in our writing, we often place articles before them, such as “a,” “an,” or “the.”

One of the most important roles nouns have is to act as the subject of the sentence. So, in the sentence, “The church is magnificent,” “church” is a noun. Nouns are also frequently direct objects. In the sentence, “Francis fed the cat,” “cat” (with the addition of the article “the”) is the direct object, or the object of the verb “fed.”

Letter C block
    Letter C block
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Types of Nouns

There are several types of nouns. Here are a few of the most common:

  • Proper nouns name specific people, cities, states, countries, buildings, books, and more. Proper nouns must be capitalized. So, “Cleveland” is a proper noun, but “city” is a common noun.
  • Common nouns refer to general things, such as “cola,” instead of “Coca-Cola.”
  • Abstract nouns refer to things we can’t taste, touch, or see. They’re theoretical, such as “comfort” or “capitalism.”
  • Collective nouns refer to large groups, such as a “class” of students or a “company” of soldiers.
  • Possessive nouns illustrate ownership over something else. For example, with “Carrie’s dominoes,” “Carrie’s” is a possessive noun, indicating the dominoes belong to her.

To continue to explore these categories, check out Types of Nouns.


10 Example Sentences

You may have recognized some of the above words as verbs, or other parts of speech. But, let’s take a look at them acting specifically as nouns:

  1. He invested a lot of capital in her new company.
  2. We watched the red cardinal fly.
  3. She forced him into a dangerous challenge.
  4. Her short story was a detailed chronicle of Sir Arthur’s life.
  5. Shakira is her newest client.
  6. There’s no better way to start each day than with a cup of coffee.
  7. Nothing in the world is worse than clutter.
  8. His mother gave him consent to take the class.
  9. We moved into a new community of wonderful people.
  10. Gardening takes a lot of tender cultivation.

Clans of Nouns

Not only are there many different types of nouns, but they also encompass nearly every letter of the alphabet. With these cases of nouns in your back pocket, make sure you’re walking with us through the entire alphabet. Let’s start back at Nouns That Start With A. There are quite a few nouns that begin with C, but words that start with this letter aren’t all nouns.

Discover many additional nouns using the word list tool on WordFinder by YourDictionary. Just go to words that start with the letter C for a long list of words from a variety of different parts of speech. Then, create your own custom word list via the on-screen filter. It’ll let you pull up words that include, start or conclude with certain letters or combinations of letters or limit word length. What a great way to curate your own collection of c-words to consider!