Sentence Examples

  • This type of defensive cleaning also requires a little organization because the big cleaning supplies don't need to come out for every mess and rather than letting the mess accumulate, the dirt, like clutter, is eliminated early.
  • Instead of creating additional clutter on one of the surfaces in your kitchen, you will be able to maximize the useful area in the room by putting the empty space between your hanging cabinets and base cabinets to use.
  • A good rule of thumb is to leave an area cleaner than you found it, but if you sort through the clutter as you go, you can also help to eliminate extra clutter when the chilly days of winter give way to the warmer days of spring.
  • Lists for home organization are used to clean the house, organize the kitchen, get rid of clutter, stay on top of annual and semi-annual chores and when used successfully will help your household run free from chaos.
  • Or, if you feel that there is enough detail in the room, simply drop a soffit over the island and recess some lighting into it for all the light with none of the unwanted design elements that may clutter the space.