Sentence Examples

  • National Fire Department Honor Guard Competition was held in Indianapolis, Indiana, at the Indiana Convention Center on April 25, 2009.Honor guards are assessed on uniformity, neatness, cleanliness, and military bearing.
  • Another indispensable feature of good bee-management is " forethought," coupled with order and neatness; the rule of where pollen (the fertilizing dust of flowers) is P (g)lentiful plentifu FIG.
  • The cultivation does not compare in neatness and thoroughness with that of China and Japan.
  • Strips are also woven into cages, chairs, beds and other articles of furniture, Oriental wicker-work in bamboo being unequalled for beauty and neatness of workmanship. In China the interior portions of the stem are beaten into a pulp and used for the manufacture of the finer varieties of paper.
  • Its nest, which is a model of neatness and symmetry, it builds on trees and bushes, preferring such as are overgrown with moss and lichens.