Sentence Examples

  • On the plus side, many think that Bad Santa, and especially Thornton, displays a side of Christmas that some don't want to admit to: the greedy, commercialized version that often seems to smother the more delicate meaning.
  • The men who would jump on their fellow Crusaders in an effort to smother the flames and keep them from being burned alive become the first firefighters.
  • Because it contains canola oil, it is an effective oil treatment that will smother eggs, preventing the next generation of pests from hatching.
  • All hints of hesitation left the young girl in the wake of the smother of love that enveloped her.
  • Cynthia, who'd followed the men to the door, was the first to smother the young girl in hugs and kisses, and an ample dose of tears with the others joining in with equal enthusiasm.