Sentence Examples

  • Pierre listened to him, scarcely able to repress a smile.
  • The measures taken by Alfred to repress this revolt culminated in the capture of London in 885 or 886, and the treaty known as Alfred and Guthrum's peace, whereby the boundaries of the treaty of Wedmore (with which this is often confused) were materially modified in Alfred's favour.
  • His policy was to take advantage of the violence of the faction, to " give them line enough," to use his own words, to encourage it rather than repress it, with the expectation of procuring finally a strong royalist reaction.
  • Of Portugal to set up the Inquisition in Goa to repress Judaism, but the tribunal was not set up until 1560.
  • In July 1860, when the Moslems of that city, taking advantage of disturbances among the Druses of Lebanon, attacked the Christian quarter and killed over 3000 persons, Abd-el-Kader helped to repress the outbreak and saved large numbers of Christians.