Sentence Examples

  • The CMP in cocoa butter is further believed to inhibit the growth of cancerous cells and tumors by reducing active oxygen levels, inhibiting the oxidation of LDL (good cholesterol) and inhibiting the production of inflammatory cells.
  • Middle schools are often larger and more intimidating then their elementary school counterparts, and an unsafe, dangerous bus ride can inhibit students' willingness to learn and work their hardest in middle grade levels.
  • In the exercise of its duty as the protector of the laws it must have had power to inhibit in the Four Hundred, or in the Ecclesia, a measure which it judged unconstitutional or in any way prejudicial to the state, and in the levy of fines for violation of law or moral usage it remained irresponsible.
  • The excavation of it was undertaken by Russians about 1894 and it cost Dembre dear; for the Ottoman government, suspicious of foreign designs on the neighbouring harbour of Kekova, proceeded to inhibit all sale of property in the plain and to place Dembre under a minor state of siege.
  • Those faces which were perpendicular to the pressure would grow slowly, as the great pressure would promote solution, and inhibit deposition; the edges or sides, on the other hand, being less exposed to the pressure would receive fresh deposits.