Sentence Examples

  • He was still an outlaw according to imperial ideas.
  • The prince of Orange was publicly declared an outlaw and his property confiscated (January 24, 1568).
  • He was no longer an outlaw with a band of wandering companions, but a petty chieftain, head of a small colony of men, allied with families of Caleb and Jezreel (in Judah), and on friendly footing with the sheikhs south of Hebron.
  • 620-628, and 4411-4417) has made it extremely probable that Cain the nomad and outlaw (Gen.
  • Again imprisoned, this time on a charge of witchcraft, he escaped from captivity in 1 59 1, and was deprived by parliament of his lands and titles; as an outlaw his career was one of extraordinary lawlessness.