Sentence Examples

  • The government, therefore (Badeni having resigned), had to proclaim the necessary measures by imperial warrant.
  • Here in December 1880 a great meeting of Boers resolved again to proclaim the independence of the Transvaal.
  • Cyprian was the first to proclaim the identity of heretics and schismatics by making a man's Christianity depend on his belonging to the great episcopal church confederation.
  • The story (alluded to by Milton, Rabelais, Mrs Browning and Schiller) of the pilot Thamus, who, sailing near the island of Paxi in the time of Tiberius, was commanded by a mighty voice to proclaim that "Pan is dead," is found in Plutarch (De orac. defectu, 17).
  • Established as an advocate at Clermont, he did not hesitate to proclaim his republican sympathies.