Sentence Examples

  • But, once free, he had no scruple in cheating the imperial brigand of his blackmail.
  • And they defeated the genius Napoleon and, suddenly recognizing him as a brigand, sent him to the island of St. Helena.
  • Joseph's authority did not exist throughout a large part of the kingdom, where royalist risings, led by brigand chiefs, maintained a state of anarchy, and a British force under Sir John Stuart, which landed in Calabria from Sicily, defeated the French at Maida (July 6th, 1806).
  • Croce, Studii storici sulla rivoluzione Napoletana del 1799 (Rome, 1897); Freiherr von Helfert has, attempted the impossible task of whitewashing Queen Mary Caroline in his Konigin Karolina von Neapel and Sicilien (Vienna, 1878) and Maria Karolina von Osterreich (Vienna, 1884), while in his Fabrizio Ruffo (Italian edition, Florence, 1885) he gives a rose-coloured" portrait of that prelate and his brigand bands; see also H.
  • For the cow is the animal which voluntarily yields nourishment to man and aids him in his daily labors, and on it depends the industry of the peasant as contrasted with the wild desert brigand to whom the cow is unknown.