Sentence Examples

  • Of the bay, but one brigade was to gain its footing inside the bay.
  • Hydrants are fixed in all the streets for the use of the fire brigade, which has a well disciplined and efficient personnel, and does not lack opportunities for the exhibition of its skill in a town built largely of wood.
  • The dissolution of the standing army, including the Black Brigade, was the immediate result of these decrees.
  • The main branches of the resultant " tree " may be rendered as follows: [[Coraciomorphae Odontolcae..Colymbo-+Pelargoalectoromorphae..Ratitae Morphae Morphae ' 'Neornithes]] The Odontolcae seem to be an early specialized offshoot of the Colymbo-Pelargomorphous brigade, while the Ratitae represent a number of side branches of early Alectoromorphae.
  • Naval brigade, was made captain, and during the Spanish-American War commanded the second division of the auxiliary U.S. naval force on the Atlantic coast.