Sentence Examples

  • The boy no doubt inherits a capacity for riding a bicycle, otherwise he could never do so.
  • Henceforward he who inherits a barony must pay r¦o, he who inherits a knight's fee too shillings or less, and for smaller holdings less "according to the ancient custom of fiefs."
  • By the act of parliament which transferred the government of India from the company to the crown, the administration in England is exercised by the sovereign through a secretary of state, who inherits all the powers formerly belonging to the Court of Directors and the Board of Control, and who, as a member of the cabinet, is responsible to parliament.
  • The link of connexion between the various Bodhisats in the future Buddha's successive births is not a soul which is transferred from body to body, but the karma, or character, which each successive Bodhisat inherits from his predecessors in the long chain of existences.
  • Hegel inherits from Kant the three arguments, and takes them as stages in one developing process of argu- thought.