Credit Definition

credited, credits
An arrangement for deferred payment of a loan or purchase.
A store that offers credit; bought my stereo on credit.
American Heritage
The quality of being credible or trustworthy.
Webster's New World
The terms governing such an arrangement.
Low prices and easy credit.
American Heritage
The favorable estimate of a person's character; reputation; good name.
Webster's New World
Praise or approval to which one is entitled; commendation.
To deserve credit for trying.
Webster's New World
credited, credits
To believe in the truth, reliability, etc. of; trust.
Webster's New World
To give credit to or deserved commendation for.
Webster's New World
To give credit in a bank account, charge account, etc.
Webster's New World
To enter a credit or credits on the record of (a student)
Webster's New World
To regard as having performed an action or being endowed with a quality.
Had to credit them with good intentions.
American Heritage
  • give credit
  • recognize
  • ascribe
  • extend credit to
  • give credit to
  • accredit to
  • place to the credit of
  • charge to an account
  • put on the books
  • place to one's account
  • defer payments
  • trust
  • rely on
  • have faith in
  • refer
credit someone with
  • to believe that someone has or is responsible for; ascribe to someone
Webster's New World
do credit to
  • to bring approval or honor to
Webster's New World
give credit to
  • to have confidence or trust in; believe
  • to commend
Webster's New World
give one credit for
  • to commend one for
  • to believe or recognize that one has
Webster's New World
on credit
  • with the agreement that payment will be made at a future date
Webster's New World

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Idioms, Phrasal Verbs Related to Credit

  • credit someone with
  • do credit to
  • give credit to
  • give one credit for
  • on credit
  • to one's credit

Origin of Credit

  • French from Old French from Old Italian credito from Latin crēditum loan from neuter past participle of crēdere to entrust kerd- in Indo-European roots

    From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

  • From Middle French crédit (“belief, trust”), from Latin creditum (“a loan, credit”), neuter of creditus, past participe of credere (“to believe”). The verb is from the noun.

    From Wiktionary

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