Sentence Examples

  • There's a disclaimer that stresses "All terms, including the APRs and fees, are subject to change at any time, for any reason, in accordance with the credit card agreement and applicable law."
  • Visit the "Work at Home Job Listings" section on the site to see advertisements from companies seeking telecommuting employees or contract workers, paying close attention to the disclaimer regarding being on the lookout for potential scams.
  • They changed their name to Seether (inspired by the Veruca Salt song of the same name) when they signed to the major label Wind-Up Records that released their breakthrough album Disclaimer.
  • There's a disclaimer on the form itself that reads, "This form is submitted to a member of the Dog the Bounty Hunter web team, not Dog the Bounty Hunter or a member of his posse."
  • The application disclaimer also states that by accepting the aforementioned prizes, gifts or money, you also "release and indemnify" the show's producer from any liability.