Sentence Examples

  • I'm sure, in his mind; he's merely disciplining her.
  • Their rise was, due principally to the necessity of administering the charities of the Church, putting an end to disorder and confusion in the religious services, and disciplining offenders.
  • French officers were selected for the training and disciplining of the army, the civil list was arranged with economy and order, and reforms were introduced into the public service and system of administration.
  • He retired from court and divided his time between improving his estates, where he built towns and fortresses, and disciplining the Cossacks, with whom he enjoyed great influence.
  • For the next three years Menelek devoted himself to strengthening and disciplining his army, to legislation, to building towns, such as Liche (near Debra-Berhan), Worra Hailu (Wollo Galla country), &c., and to repelling the incursions of the Gallas.