Sentence Examples

  • Self-discipline is crucial, since you'll be expected to pace yourself to complete all assignments on time and take the initiative to seek help if you need assistance with a particular aspect of the course content.
  • If children receive proper support from family members and the hospital staff, hospitalization can even make them feel proud for having successfully negotiated a challenge to their maturity, self-discipline, and courage.
  • Virgo helps Pisces learn greater discipline while Pisces teaches Virgo that it's okay to let loose of self-discipline every now and then.
  • Children in permissive households may also learn behaviors that do not serve them well in adulthood, such as manipulative behavior, lacking a sense of self-discipline, and an inability to cope with authority.
  • The child is learning to balance his or her need for independence, self-discipline, and exploration and the need for love and protection from the primary caregiver.