Sentence Examples

  • The middle-school years are also key for self-development, but since young kids don't have occupations and families to delineate their purposes, they rely on favorite actors, television series, and film icons to express themselves.
  • According to Charm School producers, this season's show will focus on self-development through random acts of kindness and charity work.
  • These programs include self-development courses, in-house training for businesses and industries and personal enjoyment courses.
  • A universal test such as that of pleasure, happiness and the like, by which we can judge of the worth of actions, will Green's position seem absurd; since, on the contrary, such conceptions as those of " self-development " or " self-realization " seem to have a definite and positive value if they call attention to the metaphysical implications of morality and accurately characterize the moral facts.
  • Attest, of extraordinary activity and self-development.