Sentence Examples

  • Gerald nodded an acknowledgment to Alex and then his troubled gaze fell on Carmen.
  • 1, though without any acknowledgment of the source.
  • But later, with the growing claims of the individual and the acknowledgment of these in the religious and intellectual life, both problems, and especially the latter, pressed themselves irresistibly on the notice of religious thinkers, and made it impossible for any conception of the divine rule and righteousness to gain acceptance, which did not render adequate satisfaction to the claims of both problems. To render such satisfaction was the task undertaken by apocalyptic, as well as to vindicate the righteousness of God alike in respect of the individual and of the nation.
  • In acknowledgment of his energetic and successful services Cunard was, in 1859, created a baronet.
  • Meanwhile, George Muller, while exploring the east coast, obtained from the sultan of Kutei an acknowledgment of Dutch authority, a concession speedily repented by its donor, since the enterprising traveller was shortly afterwards killed.