Sentence Examples

  • Trumpet answered trumpet above the steady beat of drums and the rhythm of marching feet.
  • The drum-and-trumpet history has its place like that of art, jurisprudence, science or philosophy.
  • Of C. coscoroba Mr Gibson remarks (Ibis, 1880, pp. 36, 37) that its "note is a loud trumpet-call," and that it swims with "the neck curved and the wings raised after the true swan model."
  • The internal tissue of the body of the solid higher Fungi, particularly the elongated stalks (stipes) of the fructifications of the Agarics, consists of hyphae running in a longitudinal direction, which no doubt serve for the conduction of organic food substances, just as do the trumpet-hyphae, similar in appearance, though not in origin, of the higher Brown Seaweeds.
  • Other characteristic plants of the Coastal Plain are the cranberry, wild rice, wild yam, wax myrtle, wistaria, trumpet flower, passion flower, holly and white alder.

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