Sentence Examples

  • Trumpet answered trumpet above the steady beat of drums and the rhythm of marching feet.
  • 2 " The old English balladist may stir Sir Philip Sidney's heart like a trumpet, and this is much; but Homer, but the few artists in the grand style, can do more - they can refine the raw natural man, they can transmute him " (On Translating Homer, p. 61).
  • The first volume of the Histoire et memoires de l'Academie (1733) contains many original papers by him upon a great variety of physical subjects, such as the motion of fluids, the nature of colour, the notes of the trumpet, the barometer, the fall of bodies, the recoil of guns, the freezing of water, &c.
  • To Miss Nightingale this proved the trumpet-call of duty.
  • - The First Blast of the Trumpet against the Monstrous Regiment of Women (1558).