Sentence Examples

  • Trumpet answered trumpet above the steady beat of drums and the rhythm of marching feet.
  • The lime-leaf " nail-galls " of Phytoptus tiliae closely resemble the " trumpet-galls " formed on American vines by a species of Cecidomyia.
  • We have wild olive, species of rock-rose, wild privet, acacias and mimosas, barberry and Zizyphus; and in the eastern ramifications of the chain, Chamaerops humilis (which is applied to a variety of useful purposes), Bignonia or trumpet flower, sissu, Salvadora persica, verbena, acanthus, varieties of Gesnerae.
  • And though he mentions the trumpet (Il.
  • 2 " The old English balladist may stir Sir Philip Sidney's heart like a trumpet, and this is much; but Homer, but the few artists in the grand style, can do more - they can refine the raw natural man, they can transmute him " (On Translating Homer, p. 61).