Sentence Examples

  • To him has also been ascribed the work, La generate et fidele Relation de tout ce qui s'est passe en l'isle de Re, envoyee par le roi a la royne sa mere (Paris, 1627).
  • The words were constantly altered and added to during the Terror and later; thus the well-known lines, "Madame Veto avait promis De faire egorger tout Paris On lui coupa la tete," &c., were added after the execution of Marie Antoinette.
  • Was published, declaring that "he had abolished entirely the exercise of the so-called reformed religion" ("qu'il avait aboli tout exercice de la religion pretendue ref ormee").
  • Thus an organized individual (tout organise) " is a composite body consisting of the original, or elementary, parts and of the matters which have been associated with them by the aid of nutrition "; so that, if these matters could be extracted from the individual (tout), it would, so to speak, become concentrated in a point, and would thus be restored to its primitive condition of a germ; " just as, by extracting from a bone the calcareous substance which is the source of its hardness, it is reduced to its primitive state of gristle or membrane."2 " Evolution " and " development " are, for Bonnet, synonymous terms; and since by " evolution " he means simply the expansion of that which was invisible into visibility, he was naturally led to the conclusion, at which Leibnitz had arrived by a different line of reasoning, that no such thing as generation, in the proper sense of the word exists in nature.
  • ' " Il est vrai que la pensee la plus raisonnable et la plus conforme a l'experience sur cette question tres difficile de la formation du foetus; c'est que les enfans sont déjà presque tout formes avant meme l'action par laquelle ils sont conqus; et que leurs meres ne font que leur donner l'accroissement ordinaire dans le temps de la grossesse."

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