Sentence Examples

  • I thought the story about his job at the poultry farm was only a cover - some trumped up story to establish credence.
  • The Magyar nobles were now systematically spoliated on trumped-up charges of treason; 1 In contradistinction to Turkish Hungary and Transylvanian Hungary.
  • He fell under the ban of Nero owing to his ethical teachings, and was exiled to the island of Gyarus on a trumped-up charge of participation in Piso's conspiracy.
  • Middleton coveted the estates of the earl of Argyll, son of the late marquis, and on a trumped-up charge of " leasing making " (he had spoken in a private letter of " the tricks of parliament ") had him condemned to death.
  • He was then found guilty of high treason and sentence of forfeiture pronounced; but there is reason to suspect that the whole case was trumped up. The old church escaped demolition at the Reformation and even the fine east Leixoes window was saved.

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