Sentence Examples

  • The burning of towns and villages, the retreats after battles, the blow dealt at Borodino and the renewed retreat, the burning of Moscow, the capture of marauders, the seizure of transports, and the guerrilla war were all departures from the rules.
  • In southern Albania there are Greek schools in the towns and a large Greek gymnasium at Iannina.
  • The ruins of Pandosia, Ephyra, Elatea, Phoenike, Buthrotum, Akrolissos and other towns may be identified.
  • The principal towns are Scutari (Albanian Shkoder, with the definite article Shkodr-a), the capital of the vilayet of that name, pop. 32,000; Prizren, 30,000; Iannina (often incorrectly written Ioannina), capital of the southern vilayet, 22,000; Jakova, 12,000; Dibra, 15,000; Prishtina, 11,000; Ipek (Sla y.
  • Between these two towns there is during the season regular steamboat communication.

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