Sentence Examples

  • Yet in the privilegium granted to the townspeople by Frederick I.
  • From this island it was possible to exercise a certain control over the townspeople, and a consul was stationed there to watch affairs.
  • 1 On turning from the attitude of the peasants and poorer townspeople to that of the scholars, we find in their writings a good deal of harsh criticism of the scholastic theology, satirical allusions to the friars, and, in Germany, sharp denunciations of the practices of the Curia.
  • He is called by the townspeople Jean de Nivelles, a celebrated baron of the 15th century whose title eventually became merged in that of the count de Homes (Horn).
  • The townspeople, encouraged and reinforced by this aid from without, at once rose in revolt, and, attacking the Spanish troops, disarmed them and drove them to take refuge in the citadel (28th July).

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