Sentence Examples

  • Bourg is the capital and Belley is the seat of a bishop. Jujurieux, in the arrondissement of Nantua, has the most important silk factory in the department, occupying over 1000 workpeople.
  • Af N Bourg AISNE Laon ALLIER Moulins .
  • Ain is divided into five arrondissements - those of Bourg and Trevoux in the west, and those of Gex, Nantua and Belley in the east; containing in all 36 cantons and 455 communes.
  • Of Bourg), a building in the Romanesque style of Burgundy, and that of Nantua (12th century), are of architectural interest.
  • 10 In all likelihood it is a letter of commendation for bridge uniting it with Bourg-de-Pekge (pop. 4668) on the other side of the river.