Sentence Examples

  • Of the two parties who joined in it Retz could only depend on the bourgeoisie of Paris.
  • Owing to their mental qualities, their tendencies and their resources, the bourgeoisie had been, if not alone, at least most apt in profiting by the development of industry, ly the extension of commerce, and by the formation of a new and mobile means of enriching themselves.
  • For Richelieus policy increased poverty, neglected re its, the toiling and suffering peasants, deserted the cause of the worker1 in order to favor the privileged classes, and left idle and useless that bourgeoisie whose intellectual activity, spirit of discipline, and civil and political culture would have yielded solid support to a monarchy all the stronger for being limited.
  • Sented the spirit of the South; politically, the ideas of the bourgeoisie in opposition to the democracywhich they despised although making use of itand the federalist system, from an objection to the preponderance of Paris.
  • This widespread bankruptcy, falling chiefly on the bourgeoisie, inaugurated a reaction which lasted until 1830 against the chief principle of the Constituent Assembly, which had favored indirect taxation as producing a large sum without imposing any very obvious burden.

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