Sentence Examples

  • The tick in his jaw belied how tightly his teeth were clamped.
  • In the United States alone the annual pecuniary loss in cattle stock occasioned by the ravages of this tick disease was computed in 1907 at one hundred million dollars.
  • From the foregoing epitome which applies to many species, Rhipicephalus appendiculatus for example, it is evident that every individual tick has to find a host on three occasions, namely, as larva, nymph and adult.
  • The common sheep-tick (Ixodes vicinus) of England, for example, infects cattle and dogs as well as sheep; and the pathogenetic Ixodidae above mentioned occur parasitically upon other mammals than those to which they convey the diseases specified.
  • Amblyomma hebraeum, the bont or variegated tick of the Cape Colonists, infects sheep with the 9porozoon causing "heart-water" sickness, and in Europe sheep are inoculated with the same disease by another tick, Rhipicephalus bursa.

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