Sentence Examples

  • - A, Wireworm; B, pupa of Click Beetle; C, adult Click Beetle (A griotes lineatum), b c a FIG.
  • The box, I, has a hinged bottom with a projecting click finger which, as the box de - scends, plays idly over the staves of a ladder arc. When the weight is removed from the platform, the counterbalance, E, causes the finger, G, to run back to its zero position, carrying with it the finger M, and causing the click finger of the box, I, to trip open the bottom of the box and let the penny fall out.
  • "Two o'clock …" she drifted off, trying to click the calendar note open unsuccessfully.
  • Firefly is a term popularly used for certain tropical American click-beetles (Pyrophorus), due to their power of emitting light.
  • Thomson (Lord Kelvin) observed in 1863 3 that when a condenser is charged or discharged, a sharp click is heard, and a similar observation was made by Cromwell F.