Sentence Examples

  • A boot came down on the angry insect before it could reach her.
  • Sofia forced her own smile, noticing how Claire's gaze swept over her as if she were an uninvited insect in her bedroom.
  • The newly hatched insect closely resembles the parent, and the wing-rudiments appear externally on the second and third thoracic segments; but before the final moult the nymph remains quiescent, taking no food.
  • Most remarkable in this order is the structure of the feet; there are never more than two tarsal segments, and the claws, usually so conspicuous in insect feet, are reduced (fig.
  • 3 b) can be protruded, apparently by the force of the blood-pressure, and by means of this A bladder - acting as a sucker - the insect obtains firm hold on any surface which (After H.

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