Sentence Examples

  • More thunder boomed.  Katie wondered what other kinds of storms the underworld might have.  Would it rain something other than black water?  With her luck, it'd rain bugs, like the beetle nest she skirted.
  • "We call those beetle bombs where I'm from," she admitted.
  • Mr. Warner showed me a scarf-pin with a beetle on it which was made in Egypt fifteen hundred years before Christ, and told me that the beetle meant immortality to the Egyptians because it wrapped itself up and went to sleep and came out again in a new form, thus renewing itself.
  • A beetle, Saperda populnea, creates a large gall in both willow (Salix spp.) and poplar twigs, including aspen.
  • Among these are the great spruce bark beetle (Dendroctonus micans) and defoliating insects such as the European sawfly (Gilpinia hercyniae).

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