Sentence Examples

  • It was on Cithaeron that Actaeon was changed into a stag, that Pentheus was torn to pieces by the Bacchantes whose orgies he had been watching, and that the infant Oedipus was exposed.
  • Of wild animals may be noted the moufflon (Ovis Ammon), the stag, and the wild boar, and among birds various species of the vulture and eagle in the mountains, and the pelican and flamingo (the latter coming in August in large flocks from Africa) in the lagoons.
  • He appears as a great man with stag antlers crowning his head, sometimes leading a pack of spectral hounds.
  • The red arrow, between the stag 's antlers, alludes to the famous tradition of William Rufus ' death.
  • Each dancer carries the skull and antlers of a reindeer stag on a stick, three painted white and three painted red or black.

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