Sentence Examples

  • She stabbed the spade into the flowerbed and gazed off into the distance.
  • Crofting agriculture is conducted on primitive methods, spade tillage being almost universal, and seaweed the principal manure.
  • One of XXII 4 a the most characteristic anatomical distinctions between the porpoise and other members of the Delphinidae is the form of the teeth (numbering twenty-three to twenty-six on each side of each jaw), which have expanded, flattened, spade-like crowns, with more or less marked vertical grooves, giving a tendency to a bibbed or often trilobed form (fig.
  • The owner of the land, a Boer named Prinsloo, refused to allow experimental spade work, but after the conclusion of the Anglo-Boer War in 1902 sold his property for £55,000 to T.
  • The scums forming on the top of the continuous defecator become so hard and dry that they have to be removed from time to time with a specially constructed instrument like a flat spade with three flat prongs in front.

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