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  • Near the tolbooth stands the market cross, a stone column with a unicorn on the top supporting the burgh arms. At the west end of High Street is a statue of David Macbeth Moir ("Delta," 1798-1851), Musselburgh's most famous son.
  • 21, 22; compound creatures); (14) the hedgehog (pricks grapes upon its quills); (15) the fox (catches birds by simulating death); (16) the panther (spotted skin; enmity to the dragon; sleeps for three days after meals; allures its prey by sweet odour); (17) the sea-tortoise (or aspidochelone; mistaken by sailors for an island); (18) the partridge (hatches eggs of other birds); (19) the vulture (assisted in birth by a stone with loose kernel); (20) the ant-lion (able neither to take the one food nor to digest the other); (21) the weasel (conceives by the mouth and brings forth by the ear); (22) the unicorn (caught only by a virgin); (23) the beaver (gives up its testes when pursued); (24) the hyaena (a hermaphrodite); (25) the otter (enhydris; enters the crocodile's mouth to kill it); (26) the ichneumon (covers itself with mud to kill the dragon; another version of No.
  • The name "sea-unicorn" is sometimes applied to the narwhal.
  • To this list must be added the curious sloth-bear Aeluropus melanoleucus, a rare eastern species, and the so-called " unicorn " antelopes, the " takyin " (Budorcas taxicolor), also an eastern Indo-Malayan species.
  • Possibly this handsome antelope may be the original of the mythical unicorn, a single buck when seen in profile looking exactly as if it had but one long straight horn.

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