Sentence Examples

  • The rain which falls on one side drains into the Chambal, and so into the Bay of Bengal; that which falls on the other side into the Luni, which discharges itself into the Runn of Cutch.
  • On the north their drainage forms the Luni and Sakhi rivers, which fall into the Gulf of Cutch.
  • In the case of the earth it is inferred from the independent phenomenon of luni-solar precession that (CA)/A = 00313.
  • The Ecclesiastical Calendar, Which Is Adopted In All The Catholic, And Most Of The Protestant Countries Of Europe, Is Luni Solar, Being Regulated Partly By The Solar, And Partly By The Lunar Year, A Circumstance Which Gives Rise To The Distinction Between The Movable And Immovable Feasts.
  • The Year Is Luni Solar, And, According As It Is Ordinary Or Embolismic, Consists Of Twelve Or Thirteen Lunar Months, Each Of Which Has 29 Or 30 Days.

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