Sentence Examples

  • This, however, is not the character to which we now ascribe the chief weight as evidence of the genetic affinity and monophyletic (uni-ancestral) origin of the Chaetopods, Rotifers and Arthropods.
  • Ne vol pas trop en uni dire!
  • Little is known of the form of the appendages in the lowest archaic Arachnida, but the tendency of those of the prosomatic somites has been (as in the Crustacea) to pass from a generalized bi-ramose or multi-ramose form to, that of uni-ramose antennae, chelae and walking legs.
  • This is the usual uni-ramose limb found in the various classes of Arthropoda.
  • The government is in the hands of a board consisting uni_ of the provost and the senior fellows, assisted by a council in the election of professors and in the regulation of studies.

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