Sentence Examples

  • This supposition is supported by a specimen from the Lower Permian of Autun, determined as Actinodon frossardi, acquired in 1902 by the British Museum, which shows a bone, similar to the so-called "epiotic cornu" of the microsaurians, Ceraterpeton and Scincosaurus, to have the relations of the supra-cleithrum of fishes, thus confirming a suggestion made by C. W.
  • Hy, Hyoidean cornu Mx, Maxilla.
  • Cornu, Die portugiesische Sprache, in G.
  • Unlike the buccina, cornu and tuba, the other military service instruments of the Romans, the lituus has not been traced during the middle ages, the medieval instrument most nearly resembling it being the cromorne or tournebout, which, however, had lateral holes and was played by means of a reed mouthpiece.
  • If we may believe Mme Cornu, he already at the age of twelve had dreams of empire.

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