65 Fall Puns That'll Make Autumn Your Favorite Season

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Updated July 19, 2022
fall pun life's gourd
    fall pun life's gourd
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Looking to inject a little seasonal humor into your notes, conversations or social media captions? This season-changing collection of fall puns is exactly what you need when autumn is in the air!

Autumn Puns for Everyone

You'll be able to bring a warm smile to just about anyone's face with these seasonal pun examples for fall. They feature descriptive fall terms, along with seasonal events and items from an autumn harvest.

  • Life's gourd, but then you pie.
  • I'm scarecrow-ed to ask.
  • Summer's over; it's time to chill.
  • You're the pumpkin pie of my eye.
  • All things being equinox ...
  • Mum's the word!
  • Don't be acorn-y.
  • You're looking gourd-geous.
  • I have a har-vested interest in the football game.
  • You'd better crop around.
  • I'm feeling the kale of the wild.
  • Maize I have another serving?
  • Mother maize I?
  • Let's pumpkin spice things up a bit.
  • Fall is coll-arding; it's time to leave.
  • It's time to turn-ip over another leaf.

Fall Leaf Puns for the Changing Seasons

Speaking of leaves, fall is the time when the green tree leaves of summer change to vivid shades of yellow, red and brown. Some of the best autumn puns are related to fall leaves.

fall pun un-be-leaf-able
    fall pun un-be-leaf-able
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  • This fall color is un-be-leaf-able!
  • Don't go changing colors to try and please me.
  • Don't stop be-leafing!
  • Orange you ready to leaf yet?
  • Don't leaf without me!
  • Please don't leaf me behind.
  • I be-leaf in you!
  • I can't be-leaf my eyes.
  • Some people are just un-belief-able.
  • You can breathe a sigh of re-leaf.
  • Fall leaf-ts my mood.
  • I'm expecting a de-leaf-ery.
  • I'm falling in leaf with you.
  • Autumn brings re-leaf from the heat.
  • Fall makes me g-leaf-full!
  • Autumn leaves summer in the dust.

Corny but Funny Fall Pun Jokes

If you like quizzing friends and family with riddles that are also puns, you're sure to get a kick out of this list of corny but funny (and punny!) autumn jokes.

fall pun load of crop
    fall pun load of crop
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  • What do you call a family member who works at a gas station? A pump-kin!
  • What did the corncob say to the choking diner? Looks like you bit off more than you corn chew.
  • What did the customer say at the farmer's market? That's quite a load of crop you've got there.
  • Why couldn't the homeowners finish their yard work? They had too many rakes and pains.
  • What do you call a chronically unemployed pumpkin? A bumpkin.
  • Why isn't your daughter married? Because a gourd man is hard to find.
  • What's the preacher's favorite fall song? A-maize-ing Grace.
  • What do you call the harvest festival winner? Pumpkin-g of the chill!
  • What band do autumn vandals listen to? The Smashing Pumpkins.
  • What are you studying in math class? Apple pi.
  • How did the tree explain its behavior? It said, "I'm getting ready to turn over a new leaf."

Punny Halloween Jokes and One-Liners

Halloween falls at the end of October, so it's squarely in the fall season. No list of fall puns would be complete without a few choices based on Halloween words.

fall pun jerk-o-lantern
    fall pun jerk-o-lantern
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  • What do you call a bully on Halloween? A jerk-o-lantern.
  • What did the jack-o-lantern say to the psychologist? I'm hollow inside.
  • What did the sad ghost say to its friends? I've got a case of the boos.
  • How did mama ghost teach baby ghost good manners? She said, "Don't spook unless you are spook-en to."
  • What do you call the costume contest winner? Mummy of the year.
  • Who threw the best Halloween party this year? The ghost-ess with the most-est!
  • How do you tell a vampire to have a good time? Make it fang-tastic!
  • What is a ghost's favorite fruit flavor? Boo-berry!
  • What comes around ghosts around.
  • That story has a scary-tale ending!
  • You're the candy apple of my eye.
  • May I speak to de-mon of the house?

Punny Thanksgiving Jokes and One-Liners

Thanksgiving is also an important autumnal observance. A bounty of Thanksgiving terms can be used to create holiday-specific seasonal puns.

fall pun cornu-cup-ia
    fall pun cornu-cup-ia
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  • My cornu-cup-ia runneth over.
  • I'm not sure I can cornu-cop-ia with a big family gathering this year.
  • Do you have thyme for the stuffing?
  • What's the main course? Oh, it's fowl.
  • How do you like your apple pie? Any way you spice it.
  • What did the turkey say after Thanksgiving dinner? I'm still stuffed.
  • What's the best way to avoid eating too many Thanksgiving leftovers? Quit cold turkey.

  • Why did you act like that at Thanksgiving dinner? I yam what I yam and that's all that I yam.

  • What did the irritated Thanksgiving host say when the guests finally left? Good pie and good cluck.

  • What did the pie crust say to the turkey? I crusted you!


Great Sayings for Autumn

Whether you call it autumn or fall, these super-cute fall puns are terrific sayings to use throughout the autumn season. For even more ideas to help inspire other fun fall puns, captions, sayings, or jokes, review this extensive list of autumn vocabulary words. You just might find some terms on the list that inspire you to come up with your own unique turn of phrase or that will remind you of a common expression that can be tweaked to feature a seasonal angle.