Sentence Examples

  • It is generally tubular in form, but in some species two forms are produced on the same plant, lower or terrestrial goblet-shaped pitchers and upper suspended pitchers retaining the more primitive more or less tubular form; in a few species a third form - funnelor cornucopia-shaped pitchers - occurs in the upper part.
  • And the great tragedy is: During these three years, China exported more than twelve million tons of grain along with a literal cornucopia of other agricultural products.
  • The scientist is left to whimsically choose among a cornucopia of " bold conjectures, " everyone of which is guaranteed to be false.
  • Shame on those who use this smorgasbord, this cornucopia of fact and informed opinion for buying cheap cds or looking for cheap gags.
  • The sites, all linked together, provide a veritable cornucopia of information on these topics.

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