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  • For self-protection, developed into a national movement which was to rule the whole of north-western India and to furnish to the British arms their stoutest and most worthy opponents.
  • It would be impossible, however, for the stoutest defender of the importance of form in literature to assign the chief part in Montaigne's influence to style.
  • King Fergus (1775) was the sire of Beningbrough (1791), whose son was Orville (1799), whence comes some of the stoutest blood on the turf, including Emilius (1820) and his son Priam (1827), Plenipotentiary (1831), Muley (1810), Chesterfield (1834), and the Hero (1843).
  • The gems of the three lines may be briefly enumerated thus: (I) of the Darley Arab's line-Snap, Shuttle, Waxy, and Orvillethe stoutest blood on the turf; (2) of the Byerly Turk's lineBuzzard and Sir Peter-speedy blood, the latter the stouter of the two; (3) of the Godolphin Barb's line-Sorcerer-often producing large-sized animals, but showing a tendency to die out, and becoming rare.

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