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  • Still getting stouter? he said with animation, but the new wrinkle on his forehead deepened.
  • The gems of the three lines may be briefly enumerated thus: (I) of the Darley Arab's line-Snap, Shuttle, Waxy, and Orvillethe stoutest blood on the turf; (2) of the Byerly Turk's lineBuzzard and Sir Peter-speedy blood, the latter the stouter of the two; (3) of the Godolphin Barb's line-Sorcerer-often producing large-sized animals, but showing a tendency to die out, and becoming rare.
  • Limbbones nearly resembling those of Macrotherium, but relatively stouter, have been described from the Pliocene beds of Attica and Samos as Ancylotherium.
  • Long and short shoots occur also in Cedrus and Larix, but in these genera the spurs are longer and stouter, and are not shed with the leaves; this kind of short shoot, by accelerated apical growth, often passes into the condition of a long shoot on which the leaves are scattered and separated by comparatively long internodes, instead of being crowded into tufts such as are borne on the ends of the spurs.
  • The stouter-hearted Franciscans only yielded to violence persistently applied by the soldiers whom their opponents quartered upon them.

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