Sentence Examples

  • What if he approached the Code not as a slave but as an equal concerned about the greater good, a dynamic reality the Code had no way of knowing, due to its own static nature?
  • When at the limits of its swing, the pendulum is for an instant at rest, and all the energy of the oscillation is static or potential.
  • The antenna has at one moment a static electrical charge distributed upon it, and lines of electric force stretch from it to the surrounding earth.
  • These static and kinetic conditions succeed each other rapidly, and the result is to detach or throw off from the antenna semi-loops of electric force, which move outwards in all directions and are accompanied by expanding circular lines of magnetic force.
  • The chief aim of Leibnitz is no doubt to account for the world in its static aspect as a co-existent whole, to conceive the ultimate reality of things in such a way as to solve the mystery of mind and matter.

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