Sentence Examples

  • He wore jeans and a snug t-shirt that outlined his muscular frame.
  • Hannah removed her fur coat with a graceful flourish to reveal her snug clothing and perfect body.
  • Dressed in shorts and a snug T-shirt, Jessi shot him a glare as she led his guests in.
  • It was very pleasant, when I stayed late in town, to launch myself into the night, especially if it was dark and tempestuous, and set sail from some bright village parlor or lecture room, with a bag of rye or Indian meal upon my shoulder, for my snug harbor in the woods, having made all tight without and withdrawn under hatches with a merry crew of thoughts, leaving only my outer man at the helm, or even tying up the helm when it was plain sailing.
  • Even though she wore a snug shirt beneath it, Darian couldn't help willing her to hurry.