Sentence Examples

  • The pain returned, and he realized he hadn.t noticed its temporary reprieve until it clutched his chest again.
  • He did the dishes as well, hoping for an early reprieve from her justified anger.
  • Grief threatened to consume them, and there would be no reprieve from their anguish.
  • He moved away from the Lake.  He had a long journey ahead of him, one he didn't relish taking.  But, if he was to be the honorable Death that mortals and Immortals alike deserved, he had to do it.  Gabe's thoughts went to his predecessor once again.  He couldn't help wondering what happened to her.  He'd expected her abandonment of the underworld would grant him some sort of peace or reprieve.  However, after thousands of years with the vexing deity, he found himself lonely instead.
  • He had forwarded a petition for reprieve to the council, which Clavering took care should not be presented in time, and which was subsequently burnt by the common hangman on the motion of Francis.

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