Sentence Examples

  • From that time he resided in Italy; he refused to follow the other Hungarian patriots, who, under the lead of Deak, accepted the composition of 1867; for him there could be no reconciliation with the house of Habsburg, nor would he accept less than full independence and a republic. He would not avail himself of the amnesty, and, though elected to the Diet of 1867, never took his seat.
  • Liberated by an amnesty, Garibaldi returned once more to Caprera amidst general sympathy.
  • A general congress was assembled at Buenos Aires on the ist of March 1822, of representatives from all the liberated provinces, and a general amnesty was decreed, though the war was not over until the 9th of December 182 4, when the republican forces gained the final victory of Ayacucho, in the Peruvian border-land.
  • The amnesty which he granted was the beginning of the immense if short-lived popularity which he was to enjoy.
  • On the 24th the city, reduced by famine, capitulated on favorable terms. Manin, Pepa and a few others were excluded from the amnesty and went into exile.

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