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  • Amnestied by the emperor of Austria in 1866, he returned home and reentered public life; was from 1867-1876, and again in 1884, a member of the Hungarian Diet, joining the Deak party.
  • Amnestied in 1755 he returned to France, but soon sank into dire poverty, being forced to earn a pittance for his wife and family as a day labourer.
  • Bureda and Aneza were occupied without opposition, the rebellious sheiks amnestied by the sultan and loaded with gifts, and formal peace was made between the rival factions.
  • He was amnestied with other exiles in 1874, and died in obscurity in 1876.
  • Sebastian Lerdo de Tejada, as president of Juarez, the Supreme Court, succeeded him, and amnestied 1872.

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